Poster and Information Downloads

Most of the files here are in PDF format unless noted. Please make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat to view the files. You can download it here, if you don't have a copy. Google Chrome browser can also view PDF files.

Also information for Event Organizers such as forms, rulebooks, etc is now on a seperate page, Click here. Also racers can download the sign-up and license sheets to fill out before the race to save time at the line-up.

Off-Road Series Event Posters

NOTE: To everyone sending me posters. Please send them in Microsoft Word (.DOC) or Adobe PDF or JPEG or just send me a hard copy, sized at a standard size of 8.5 x 11. This will save me the time to decypher and rebuild the poster for publication format. Also please keep the file size small (100-200kb). :) Also please send it early. The earlier it gets on here, more people can see it. I might make a point of not accepting posters that arrive less than two weeks before the event. Also if you need information on what to send to which person, download the Schedule for Mailout and Calendar Submission form.

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