PNWMA Executives for 2018

President Ken Dyck 604-729-3934
Vice President Greg Parsons 604-830-7255
Secretary Paul White 604-999-1149
Treasurer Sylvie Dufour 604-341-7892
Timekeeper Angela Geary 604-506-3905
Webmaster Damien Norris 604-339-7412
Co-ordinator Rules & Regs Blaine McCartney 778-549-0606
Co-ordinator Rules & Regs Tom Adlington 778-838-8107
Co-ordinator Calendar Caileigh Speck 604-329-2380
Co-ordinator - Awards Darin Marr 604-997-1597
Interior Representative Quintin Raasch 250-571-0695
Member at Large Jane Yaschuk 604-721-2477
Member at Large Doug Young 778-223-4825
Member at Large Brian Dick 604-768-4696
Member at Large Ted Blow 604-724-2427

Everyone is welcome to attend PN Meetings. Please see the News section for dates and times.

PNWMA Member Clubs:

Visit the clubs page for a list of club contact numbers.