Using facebook PNWMA page

 Hey Racers,  I thought I would bring up the topic of using the PNWMA facebook page as more of a useful tool for our series. We would like to add all events for the year to the page. The biggest reason being is to find out how many racers are going to attend our events. It really would help out the race organizers so they can gauge approximately how many racers will show up to their events. Then they can buy items for their events accordingly. If we knew there was 150 racers coming to an event, the race organizer would know he can budget  for 150 t-shirts or mugs etc. etc.  Plus, they could essentially put more into the event if they knew the racer entry would be high. If low, then they might have to cut back on some things.

I know not everyone uses facebook, but maybe you should add yourself onto it just for this one reason alone.

Thanks everyone. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Winter. The races are coming soon, don't worry :)