Tutorial on calendar page

Short tutorial on how to use the pnwma calendar.

   once in the calendar page on the website you will see that every race or event has a type. example: the Big Kahunas Type is: BCORCS(I). If you put your mouse over the type of event and click it it will then take you to another calendar page that just shows that series or type of event. So, if you were wanting to see just OHSS races for the year, click on OHSS and you will see all the OHSS races for 2012. This is the same for the location. If you want to know all events at one location for the year, just simply click on that location.

If you click on the club name it will send you to the clubs information page. Where you might see a phone number, a picture, and a website url.

Finally, every event has an info button after the event name. Click on this and you 'll be sent to the website for the event. Note: all races, events, or clubs do not have a website, just some. Some go to dirtbiker.ca where more information may be found.

Hopefully this helps you in using pnwma.com

sincerely, Jarrett May 104