Super Seniors start earlier

The starting order for PN events has been changed so that the Super Senior class starts after the Senior Expert class. This has been done so that the Senior Amatuer and Vet Amatuer classes don't have to face the humiliation of being passed by riders 10 - 20 years older than them. (I race Vet Am) Class numbers will be changed accordingly so you can still use them as reference for starting order at the races.

New PN Class Numbers for 2010. (NMA in brackets)

Masters (AA) 1000
Expert (Open A) 2000
Vet Expert (Vet A) 3000
Intermediate (Open B) 4000
Senior Expert (Senior A) 5000
Super Senior (Super Senior) 6000
Vet Amateur (Vet B) 7000
Senior Amateur (Senior B) 8000
Junior Over (Open C) 9000
Women (Women) 10000
Junior Under (15 & Under) 11000

Also a few changes to the rules:

  • The PN asks the organizers to have a minimum of four (4) riders doing sweep at an ORS event.
  • We would also like to remind riders that are timing out, to stay out of the way of riders that are racing. The organizers should post a clock ahead of the lap check and a seperate lane should be made for timing out riders.
  • All riders on the race course should be wearing a helmet approved for motorized use. It has to have DOT certification at minimum.
  • Any racer caught cheating will either disqualified, dropped 5 places or have one lap removed.