‘Ride like a Girl’ National XC Contingency Program:

Confirmed Series Participants Just Announced

Cornwall, ON (April 8, 2016)– Just announced, Laminacorr Racing has confirmed the top six Canadian off-road series that will be involved in the 2016 ‘Ride like a Girl’ contingency program. After a rigorous process that saw numerous applications, the final six have been chosen based on their commitment and support of women off-road racers.

Hundreds of female riders will be competing in these series, including: Shelby Turner, Lexi Pichout, Melissa Harten, Felicia Robichaud, Megan Griffiths, Gemma Pope, Porche Reynolds, Veronique Chaine, among many other Canadian racers.

In the 2016 season, the Alberta Motorsports Association (AMSA) returned for a second year and will receive funding for all six of their CMRC XC for a total of $1200.00.

Off-Road Ontario (OO) will returned for a second year and will receive contingency funding for all eight XC events in Ontario for a total of $1600.00.

World Enduro Canada (CXCC) also returned for a second year, and will receive funding for the six CXCC East races in Ontario, as well as four rounds in CXCC West (Alberta and British Columbia) for a total of $ 2000.00.

Federation des Motocyclistes de Sentiers du Quebec (FMSQ), is Canada’s largest XC series with six women’s moto class and more than 100 female racers. This represents the largest presence of female racers in all of Canada. The FMSW will receive funding for all nine XC events in Quebec, for a total of $1800.00.

The Pacific North West Motorcycle Association (BCORCS) from British Columbia will receive funding for five events, for a total of $1000.00.   

Second Gear Club (SGC) will receive funding for all five of their CMA XC series in Alberta for a total of $1000.00.

Finally, as previously mentioned, the Canadian Women’s National Motocross Series (WMX) has also returned for a second year and will receive contingency funding for all eight race events, for a total of $1600.00.

Laminacorr Racing would like to thank all of the Series involved in the ‘Ride like a Girl’ program for their continued support of women riders across Canada. Racers in Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia will benefit from additional visibility and funding from the program, which will ultimately increase the number of women who come out to compete. Please visit each individual series website for event calendars and race details.   

The ‘Ride like a Girl’ program is funded by Laminacorr Racing, a 100% female race team. The team would like to extend a special thank you to their sponsors and supporters: Laminacorr Industries Inc., Scott Sports, Evo Motosport,  Importations Thibault, LRP, MX and Off-Road Magazine, Backwoods Promotions, Gregoire Sport,Yamaha Motorcycle Canada,Yamalube,Alpinestar, Arai Helmets, Alco Cleaners, TM Designworks, Vee Rubber Tire.


CONTACT: For more information about the ‘Ride like a Girl’ program, contact Guy Robichaud at  grobichaud@laminacorr.com

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These are the BCORCS races that will be offering the RIDE LIKE A GIRL support.

MAY 22               PORC        Vernon              BCORCS(I)           The Squealin' Pig Cross Country

JUNE 19               NVDRA     Merritt               BCORCS(C)          Nicola Valley Bar Bender

JULY 3                  WCDR      Lytton                BCORCS(C)          The Monkey Wrench Cross Country

SEPT 25               VOMC     Silver Star Mt      BCORCS(I)           Rev Limiter

OCT 9                  GKMA     Kamloops          BCORCS(I)           Chuwells Challenge Cross Country

These are the races for the support in BC/ALBERTA CXCC-WEST 

GVMC                   Sept 17          BCORCS CXCC RD 3        Piston Run Hare Scramble

GVMC                   Sept 18          BCORCS CXCC RD 4        Scenic Tour Cross Country

AMSA                    JULY 30 & 31 CXCC-W  RD 1&2           The Black Lung XC/HS