RCMP Enforcement of Third Party Liability Insurance

A rider heading to the Piston Run Cross Country has informed me that the RCMP are actively enforcing the need for third party liability in a rather boneheaded way. They are turning around riders at Tamahi (big white bridge) if they don't have the insurance. Racing insurance from the GVMC, the club hosting the event, will cover all racers on race day. I would suggest taking the road to the Sleese Memorial, this road will hook-up with the Chiliwack Bench Road which will take you to the riding area. Also the Bench Road connects to the Promontory Heights. These roads are narrower and curvier, so going will be slower and might be a headache for larger vehicles.

Also I strongly suggest that you can complain to the RCMP Chilliwack Detachment (604) 792-4611 andpolitely suggest that their enforcement method may be illegal. (Contrary to Section 2 Subsection C of the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms with allows for the right of peaceful assembly. And it might be a stretch but it could be contrary to Section 11 Subsection D which states that everyone is "to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal") because you can't be turned around since your motorcycle is still in the truck and you have not commited any offence of any kind at the time of being turned around. No matter what happens, please keep a cool head in this situation, be persistent and polite.

Also it should be no suprise that there will be RCMP members at the race. So please make an effort to avoid getting caught and I do not mean outrunning the RCMP. Organizing a shuttle truck would be the best option.

Please note that the precedding comments are from me, Michael Fodor and is not of the PNWMA, the association, affiliated clubs, any of it's members or the executive.