Press Release CXCC-west 2013

  The CXCC West take place over four weekends in June and July.  The championship will consist of two rounds in BC, part of the Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association Championship, and two rounds in Alberta, part of the Alberta Motorsports Association Championship

World Enduro Canada is working in partnership with these racing organizations and their associated clubs. 

Race licenses for the CXCC-    In BC, BC racers will need their 2013 Pnwma license to Race.  When they attend the CXCC in Alberta their race license will cost $40.00 for the first single race.  When the BC racer comes back to the second round in Alberta CXCC, Alberta will cover the cost of the 2nd event License.   A CMRC yearly license is $130.00 and can be purchased.

In BC, Alberta Racers can race using their 2013 CMRC license or purchase the pnwma license.This is only for the CXCC events.  A PNWMA yearly license is $30.00 for a single or $40.00 for a family.   License forms will need to be filled out and signed.

Race entry fees for the CXCC -   In Alberta they are $45.00 but the WEC will be paying the first $10.00 for the BC PNWMA Racers only.  So the cost will be $35.00 for each of the BC racer.

The race fees in BC are $40.00 at the Monkey Wrench and $45.00 at the Piston Run Race for everyone.

In the 2 BC rounds of the cxcc every racers will need a transponder.  It is not the wec/cec transpond.  The pn transponder cost $10.00

All racers can follow this event here on the PNWMA web

or on our face book group. Also on WEC page      

 oron Alberta page


Trevor from the WEC will be adding more details within the next 2 weeks.

Round #1 Chilliwack, BC


Round #2 Pincher, AB


Round #3 Lytton, BC


Round#4 Old Man River, AB