Posters for next 5 races

Hey yall. The spring temperatures are starting to heat up heading into summer and so is the racing! With 5 races in 4 weeks, you can definately race your face off for the rest of June and start of july. check out the posters for the next upcoming races.

- Night Throttle,     June 11th-  OHSS                 Vernon

- Full Throttle,        June 12th-  OHSS                  Vernon

- 63rd Piston Run,  June 19th-  PNWMA              Chipmunk Creek

- Toasted Hare,      June 26th-  PNWMA/NMA     Hannegan Speedway

-MONKEY WRECH!, July 2nd-    PNWMA              Lytton

Night Throttle and Full Throttle poster512.68 KB
Piston Run poster825.49 KB
Monkey Wrench poster277 KB
Toasted Hare poster565.16 KB