Points standings

Here are the B.C.O.R.C.S. points standings after the Piston Run. Next race on the circuit is The Toasted Hare down in Washington at Hannegan Speedway. Then, off to Lytton for the infamous Monkey Wrench Cross Country. Get ready for this one. The  WCDR are always scheming up something to make their race better and more enjoyable. Two different 50km loops is what I've heard so far!! Rounds 7 and 8 the next 2 weekends! Then a break from the series until the Chuwells Challenge just outside of Kamloops. But, don't forget the ever popular and growing Canadian National Enduro Championships. the Vernon Offroad Motorcycle Club are hosting the first 2 rounds by vernon  up Noble Canyon road. This is a first for the club and from what we have seen from pictures and updates, they are stepping up and bringing a definite National caliber race!  The weekend after  the National series heads to Blairmore, Alberta for Rounds 3 and 4. I would call this place an epic adventure. A must for any racer that seeks a great ride.

a list of the upcoming races:

- June 24th - Toasted hare Hannegan           BCORCS

-July 1st -  Monkey Wrench                           BCORCS (Coastal)

- July 7th  Round 1 Noble Canyon Enduro      2012 CEC

-July 8th   Round 2 Noble Canyon Enduro      2012 CEC

-July 14th Round 4 Blairmore Enduro             2012 CEC

-July 15th Round 5 Blairmore Enduro             2012 CEC

-July 29th Chuwells Challeng XC                    BCORCS(Coastal)

-August 4th, 5th 24 hour Marathon               Hope(Fun)

- August 12th Tansky Titan, Jordan River       Round 4 of VIHSS

There you go racers, time to race your faces off for the start of the summer! See you at the races!

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vernon CEC Noble Canyon Enduro3.59 MB