Number Plate Colors


Number Color

Background Color Class Number Example
Masters (AA) White Red 1000 MST 1
Expert (Open A) Black White 2000 EXP 2
Veteran Expert (Vet A) Black White 3000 VET-EXP 3
Intermediate (Open B) Black Yellow 4000 INT 4
Senior Expert (Senior A) Black White 5000 SEN-EXP 5
Super Senior (Super Senior) White Black 6000 SUP-SEN 6
Veteran Amatuer (Vet B) Red White 7000 VET-AM 7
Senior Amatuer (Senior B) Red White 8000 SEN-AM 8
Junior Open (Open C) Red White 9000 JUN-OVR 9
Women (Women) White Blue 10000 WMN 10
Junior Under (15 & Under) Red White 11000 JUN-UND 11

These number colors are not mandatory. The PNWMA recommends that riders use these colors to help identify riders at the checks, and for spectator identification. The numbers used should be the last three numbers of your transponder ID, which will correspond to your 2010 PNWMA race license number. Or if you are proud of your placing, you can use your placing in last year's series to be your number for this year. That number is transferable between classes. Also do keep in mind that your bikes look faster with numbers on them as well. I will try to have a list of the transponder numbers for those riders with one already. Also rider's with licenses from ice racing can exchange them for current ones at any race.

I've also contacted a couple of local graphics companies and provided them with PNWMA logos, so this way you can add these logos to your graphics kit.