The NEW CXCC -West!

Update on the newly formed CXCC-WEST


The newest series for racing here in Western Canada has finally been established. A first ever Western Canadian Cross Country Championship!

The Championship will consist of 4 of B.C. and Alberta's best races. 2 in B.C. and Alberta. 4 races will determine  whom are the elite racers of the Wild West! Here is the schedule for the series:

June 9th - The 65th annual Piston Run - Chipmunk Creek, B.C.

June 16th - The Porcupine Hills Hare Scramble - Pincher, Alberta

June 30th - The 28th Annual Monkey Wrench XC - Lytton, B.C.

July 7th - The Shale Shaker Cross Country - Oldman River Valley, Alberta

Here is a description of what the 2 B.C. races have to offer:

The First Round of The Canadian Cross Country Championship- West is located half an hour outside the city of Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley. The Piston Run is the name and it is the longest running trail race in British Columbia. This year marks the 65th annual for this event! The terrain at the Piston Run has "Westcoast" all over it. The dense decidous forests of B.C.'s westcoast make for some interesting and relentless dirt bike trails. Though, being mostly tight and technical in most areas at Chipmunk Creek, the riders will also be faced with deactivated logging roads that have turned into a small motocross that weaves up, down and around the mountain side. Also, Riders will be challenged all day with shale rock hill climbs, possibly a few "Maybe I should walk my bike down" decents and some extremely fun and flowing trails to top it off. Ones that really get you in the groove. The Piston Run on Sunday, June 9th will be a Coastal experience you should NOT pass up. P.s. bring your rain coats.


The third round of the championship heads back to B.C. for " B.C.'s favorite". The Monkey Wrench Cross Country. The Wrench has also been around for quite sometime. Infact, 28 years it has been running. The riding area is more or less in the middle of nowhere, but that's the way us trail riders like it! A 25 minute drive north of the small town of Lytton you will find the gateway to trail riding paradise! The Laluwissen riding area is known to be British Columbia's prestige riding spot. Views from alpine mountain tops that overlook  the mass valleys, to lookouts that overlook the Fraser river at the valley bottom. While passing through pristine grounds of natural green grass with blooming colorful flowers every where you look. It really is breathtaking. On top of this the trails will blow your mind! In years prior the race organizers have built courses that spread across a huge amount of land. A few years the course was close to 65km for one loop. Easily 75% of the course being single track as well. The Monkey Wrench really has it all. if you like the tight, gnarly single track it has that, if you like more of a high speed  really feeling the flow type trail, it has that, or if you are a sucker for the wide open bouncing off the rev limiter hill climbs, well, it DEFINITELY has those. When riding the area you will truly see how beautiful B.C. is and you will get to see it all while racing your dirt bike!

 Here is a list of some of the top pros from B.C. side that will most likely show:

  • Bobby Prochnau
  • Geoff Nelson
  • Ryan Graffunder
  • Jarrett May
  • Malcolm hett
  • Ryan Dey
  • Tyler Murray
  • Josh Allen
  • Kevin Dyck
  • Tim Dyck
  • Dillon Bucknell
  • Colton Hall
  • Thomas Cordner
  • Bernie Kykerk
  • Kody Bykerk
  • Al Wilson
  • Eric Demoulin
  • Mike Wallis
  • Nick Graffunder
  • And more

Also some of the top Expert riders:

  • Dallas Johnson
  • Mark Yaschuk                 
  •  Joel Tickner
  • Mike Laycraft                  
  • Ryan langley
  • Steve Shannon                 
  • Steve Geary
  • Xander Reidegeld


Don't forget B.C.'s top ladies!:

- Chantelle Bykerk

- Victoria Hett

- Bree Taber

- Bunney Bedey

- Tanya Grunsky

I hope everyone is excited to go racing, the 2013 season is only months away!


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