A letter from the BCORCS Scoring Team



Big Kahuna Racers, thank you for the being the first group to try out our new scoring system. The scoring lane reader worked great but a little too great!! Any racer lingering in exhaustion or coming by timing with a helmet was caught by the reader and we had lots of extra little laps. The team did their best to catch most of them on site before printing results but there were a few missed.

All disputes or changes are reviewed by the PN Dispute committee, and this was no exception. After careful consideration and cross checking the results, sheets and tags, the results now reflect the following changes due to the scoring system:

1. Masters: one system misread lap deleted, standings changed below 6th place.

2. Intermediate: three system misread laps deleted, standings changed below 3rd place.

3. Senior Expert: one system misread lap deleted, standing changed below 4th place.

Apologies for any disappointment over the movements, and the scoring team is committed to improving the scoring lane setup to prevent misreads. We will need all the racers to help us and commit to move clear of scoring when you completed your race.

We love to hang out with you and I know your mom wants to give you hugs and kisses but keep your distance after finishing and we’ll see you at awards!!


Your Super Cool Scoring Team!

PS… I know you will ask me about trophy swaps, and I don’t have an answer.