June 1-2 BC Supermoto Round # 2

  Check out this upcoming event at the Tradex Centre in Abbotsford.

These are our contracted dates, all races will be at Tradex In Abbotsford.

  • Sat April 6 practice
  • Sunday April 7 race day


  • Sat June 1 practice
  • Sunday June 2 race day


  • Sat July 13 practice
  • Sunday July 14 race day


  • Sat July 20 practice
  • Sunday July 21 race day


  • Sat Aug 3 practice
  • Sunday Aug 4 Nationals weekend race day


  • Sat Aug 24 practice
  • Sunday Aug 25 race day


  1. Here is a run down of the weekend:


  • Practice day set up will start around 3pm, if you can help please do so.


  • Saturday we will have a riders meeting just before 5pm, bikes will be allowed on the track at 5. Depending on the turn out we will have a slow and a fast group, possibly a kids group and we will ride until 8pm.


  • Camping will be allowed Saturday night with a 20$/per group charge to help us pay for the overnight security bill.


  • Sunday race sign up will start at 8am, riders meeting will be between 9/9:30AM, attendance is mandatory if you wish to race that day. Tech inspection will need to be done prior to the riders meeting so please get there as early as possible.


  • Qualifiers will start at 10, lunch will be around 12:30, finals will start around 1 and we will run until we are done which is usually 3pm. Awards and clean up will be directly after the last race.


  • All of our fees are the same as last year.We accept cash and cheque only.


  • practice is 40$ - Your first practice is free if it is your first time but you must have PNWMA to practice.
  • membership is 60$/single - 80$/family - 20$/one day 
  • PNWMA (insurance) is 30$/single - 40$/family - 15$/one day
  • Race classes are 60$/40$/20$/10$ - kids mini moto - 20$


  • We appreciate some help with clean up so if you can stick around Sunday please do, many hands make light work and there is nothing worse than looking out on a field of cones and hay bales after a race day and everyone is gone already