Chuwells Challenge post poned


Here is some unfortunate news on the Chuwells Challenge race in Kamloops that was scheduled for September 25th of this month.

Here is a letter from the GKMA concerning the race:

Dear all Concerned

Due to the Lack of rain in almost 2 months in our area we are
experiencing extreme conditions which have caused disgusting dusty
conditions and will make racing difficult and dangerous. As of noon
today a fire ban is being enforced throughout our area.

Kent spoke with the Recreation and Trails Officer as well as the Fire
Protection branch office today and their consensus was that they would
like us to re-schedule our race that is supposed to take place on the
25th of September until more favourable conditions exist.

Currently, there is an extreme fire hazard for our area and with that
comes liability associated with events on Crown Lands.  There are
showers scheduled for Thursday and Sunday however the expectation is
not for a lot of rain and possibly even some lightning.

Kent and friends rode the area last night and it is extremely dusty to
the point of being un-safe.  They had lingering dust well over 2-3
minutes and that was with 5 riders.  It was impossible to see in some
of the cut-blocks and you had to stop in order to see the trail to
proceed.  This does not make for a very safe race environment.

I apologise for any inconvenience this will cause for all participants
and look forward to starting over again next year. I do not know if
this race can be pushed into October and re-schedule.