Bumped Riders - 2010 PNWMA Off-Road Series

Experts to Masters

  • Tim Dyck
  • Dillon Bucknell
  • Cliff Schoeder

Intermediate to Expert

  • Dallas Johnson
  • Luke Spence
  • Tyler Murray
  • Andrew Watson

Veteran Amatuer to Veteran Expert

  • Terry Ingram
  • Mike Harrold

Senior Amatuer to Senior Expert

  • Richard Gavel
  • Craig Hocking

Junior Over to Intermediate

  • Yvon Landry
  • Blake Stitt
  • Cody Larsen

Womens to Junior Open

  • Leanne Foreman

Junior Under to Junior Open

  • Derek Broerken

Congratulations for all bumped riders on excelling in their class, and good luck in their new class.

Please note that if any of these riders have issues with being bumped, please feel free to contact any member of the PN Executive. Also provisions can be made if a rider feels that they cannot ride in their new class to return to their old class.