BCORCS round 5 and 6 on May Long Weekend

 May 18th, 19th 2013 ---The night pig and squeal'in pig double header weekend. First comes the night pig hare scrambles "a race at night hope u have a light". The night pig is on easier "B" rider type trails ranging from 10km to 16km loops. Every trail used on the night course as been walked through (not ridden) and use's the "OVERKILL" clearing method's. We recommend at least a bike light and/or helmet light, tail lights of any sort are mandatory. The night pig use's all the P.N.W.M.A. rules, regulations and classes. This is a must to race once in your life, at least witness.

The 20th annual Squeal'in pig hare scrambles has a "A and B" split. 18km A loop, and a 13km B loop both with new and old classic trials. The start is on a small moto track under the power lines, which turns into a spectator friendly grass track and Enduro-cross section with a large easy out. This event is always well marked and well cleared from debris, this year is one of the dryer years I’ve seen, so unless it rains a pile my have very little mud.

Monty Hendrickson 

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