2017 some of the new rules and updated ones

2.1.1) The Host Club also must ensure a reasonable level of safety is maintained on the course. This is done by following the PNWMA Arrowing Guidelines to the best of the Host Club’s ability and by providing proper first aid services. Without 2 qualified First Aid Attendants (minimum level 2) there shall not be a race. There is to be a minimum of 4 sweep riders per event and the Host Club must ensure the safe return of all competitors and volunteers. Sweep riders are to wear hi-visibility vests.

2.1.3) Host Club must ensure proper equipment for the scorekeepers, including a true sine wave generator, (ie, Honda or Yamaha, 2000 Watts)

2.1.4) Host club must have sign up area ready 45 min before sign up starts. This includes generator, tables and pop up tents.

2.1.5) Sign up area and race scoring will be in the same location. Not to be moved between sign up and race scoring.

2.1.6) Host club to provide tech inspection/sound check and be ready when sign up begins.

2.15) The PN scoring system is to be used at all races. A manual backup scoring system must also be in use. Any variation of the current tag system used is acceptable. Minimum backup can be the recording of tag numbers in order of arrival to ascertain the order and laps of the riders

2.16) All scoring and timekeeping concerns will be discussed with the PN scoring committee well in advance of the event.

2.17) Host Club shall pre-ride the course the morning of the event to ensure the course is safe and the marking is complete

7.1) Posters are to be sent to timekeeper to proof read before they are distributed and must contain PN logo, the entry fee, license fees (transponder included) and sign up time.

7.1.1) Night sign up must be approved by PN scoring committee. This must be approved before race weekend.

7.2) All posters for PNWMA Off-Road events require a warning about sound as per Rule. Otherwise the posters would not be posted on the PN website and not posted in mail-outs.

8.8) At the start of the race the rider must attempt start his/her own bike without assistance. If the rider requires assistance after his/her line has left help will be allowed. ed by PN scoring committee. This must be approved before race weekend.

Section 9. Race day

9.1 At the riders meeting the host club will relay the course conditions and cut off times.

9.1.1 In adverse conditions cut off time may need to be adjusted during the race.

9.2 Host club to provide communication between promoter, timing/scoring, sweep riders and checkpoints.

9.3 All races will be dead engine start for all classes.
9.4 The maximum time any rider has to complete the race is double the A cut-off time. If any rider is on the course after this time they will be sent back the shortest way and be considered a DNF.

9.5 All riders MUST turn race tag into scoring in the event of a DNF/DNS.

9.6 The host club is responsible for all racers to be accounted for after the race is completed (rule 2.1.1) and will begin to sweep once cut off has been called.