Bike numbers are filling up.

Bike Numbers are filling up! Register soon to reserve yours.

To look up last years bike numbers and see which ones are still available for this year. The bike number list is online below and can be found on the PN points page.

For 2017: Choose 2017 Bike# List in the drop down. It’s sortable by name, number and class.

For 2018: Choose 2018 and Bike # Availability to see which numbers are Open in your class.
Your number will be the class number of your class and three open numbers of your choice.
Example: Masters 1XXX, Junior Under 12XXX.
Note: Number 001 thru 003 are generally reserved for last years trophy winners.

Your racer number will be on your race tag, the leader board and scoring throughout the year. It’s nice if the open three digits reflect your bike number but not necessary if your number is taken. Your racer number and bike number are not required to match in the BCORCS series.

2018 BCORCS Pnwma licenses

PN License registration is now open! Register for your license now and request your PN racer number. We will try to give you last year's number if requested, but no guarantees if you leave it too long.
Keep checking back, Pre-Entry for the Big Kahuna will start soon!
The Scoring Team

PNWMA 2018 Calendar

The 2018 PNWMA Calendar is here! 

Come and visit the PNWMA booth at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show to get a copy!

Or, you can Download a PDF Calendar


Monkey Weekend 2018 Poster

June 30th Mini Monkey and more &  July 1st BCORCS Monkey Wrench 100 

Monkey Wrench100.png1.67 MB
Mini Monkey.png1.67 MB

September 1 & 2 2018 poster


PNWMA Vengeance VMMC Ride 2018.pptx (1).pdf542.39 KB

2017 BCORCS Awards Night

2017 racing series awards night January 20th 2018 at the sandman hotel in Abbotsford. (Same location as has been in passed)

7pm start. 
Appetizer style dinner provided. No tickets needed. 
Cash bar will be there.

Need a room for the night ? Give them a call and let them know your with PNWMA and give them this number #127907

Hotel info.... 
32720 Simon Avenue Abbotsford V2T 0B8

Any questions give me a call text or fb message 6049971597


2018 Red Bull Rocks & Logs.

2018 Red Bull Rocks & Logs.jpg133.2 KB


Let's go Racing!!

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Final BCORCS points review.

The 2017 race season saw some epic races, hotly contested wins, hugs, smiles, laughter, tears, and a hostile mother nature. We kicked off the season with a bang climbing hills at the Big Kahuna, came together to honor Rob Hett, and finished up at the Rev Limiter with additional Endurocross fun. Through it all our sense of community remains strong.

The final points are posted and the protest period is open until Friday November 10. Please address protests to Ken Dyck at

Trophies will be posted after protest period is complete. I strongly encourage you to attend the awards ceremony on Saturday, January 20th, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Sandman Abbotsford (32720 Simon Ave, Abbotsford). It is a time to celebrate our all our racers and even if you are not in the trophy running, join us to show your support.

The Scoring Team

BCORCS Championship race count for 2017

Race Count for 2017

After a few race cancellations this year the number of races that count was a moving target.  The count is finalized as follows and the standings have been updated to reflect the counts:


Championship – 9 races count for points

Interior – 5 races count for points

Coastal – 5 races count for points


Note: Work points are an average of the racers points that count in each series. 


This was an exceptional year with mother nature working against us.  However, next year don’t forget your local clubs need your support to keep their riding areas open, put on races and address political challenges. Be pro-active in your communities!


See you at the Dirty Dog on Oct 22rd.

The Scoring Team