CXCC-W Official Points Standings

The CXCC-W official points standings are now posted!


BCORCS Dirt Dog Poster

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CXCC Round 2 Results and CXCC standings

Way to go PN racers, 46 PN members (30% of the racers) made the trip to AB to race in Round 2 of the CXCC Series. Kudos to Dustin Labby who had a close encounter with a moose and still raced!

Check out the results of the race on the AMSA moto-tally link:

AND‚ if you want to see the unofficial CXCC series standings choose CXCC Division here:

NOTE: the points are not correct but the placings are correct. The CXCC has a different point system. We are working together to harmonize but for now this is close!

Round one of the 2017 CXCC

The CXCC West has a different point numbering system than the BCORCS series. We’ll keep you updated after each Round so you can track your ranking in the CXCC West series.   


The Scoring Team. 

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2017 Toasted Hare results


Finally! The points from the Toasted Hare are now incorporated into the Series Standings.  Thank you for being patient while we figure out how to manually add into the new system. The detailed race results are in the attached A Class and B Class Result sheet and can also be found at the West Hare Scramble link below.  The BCORCS racers are highlighted in yellow. 

**Please note the Senior Amateur class is under review with the competition committee and results are not final for that class. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact The Scoring Team at


The Scoring Team


2017 Toasted Hare - A Classes.pdf40.93 KB
2017 Toasted Hare - B Classes.pdf42.73 KB

Monkey Wrench BCORCS and CXCC

There was sweat, dirty faces, and big smiles at the finish line of the 32nd Annual Monkey Wrench 100 and Round 1 of the CXCC-West. The WCDR put on a fabulous Canada Day Weekend entertaining 183 racers and families alike. Racers from Alberta and Hawaii joined our BC Masters for a hard fought battle in the heat and dust of Lytton, BC. Tristan Hart took the win, with Blake Watkinson and Jason Schrage on his heels for 2nd and 3rd.

Race Results, Series Standings, Manufacturers Report links here:\points
** Use the Division drop down to view CXCC-W results.

Toasted Hare results are still in progress, I apologize for the delay, be patient with us and the next US race will be posted faster.

The Scoring Team

CXCC update

It's official! The CXCC-W Round 4 will be The Rev Limiter at Silver Star Resort in Vernon.
To learn more about the CXCC-W and see how the classes line up between PN, AMSA and CXCC see the link below.
Note: the women’s classes are still unclear and we’ll resolve shortly.

Important note… these are busy races. I highly recommend pre-entry for the Monkey Wrench and the Rev Limiter, which are currently open.
Remember you MUST have a license before Pre-entry… go here if you haven’t bought your 2017 PN License.

Please contact a member of the scoring team if you have questions!
Sarah & Angela

Outback Bushwack Points Updated

A round of "likes" for the crew of the Outback Bushwhack for putting on a fun race with a new endurocross twist! Results are now posted:
The Scoring Team
PS... another race with perfect helmet scanning and no one double scanning, thank you for your diligence, it makes for a fast results posting. 

5 Races in

5 Races in and its an exciting series with battles in all classes for the leads. We'll see some hot competition at the Piston Run next weekend, pre-sign up is open till Thursday, you will want to be in the fast lane for this one!! Pre-sign up and Series points links can be found here:
The Scoring Team


Sorry to announce the cancellation of 2 of our races the Nicola Valley Bar Bender and the Zofka Ridge Race in Hope.