The Off-Road Guide

NOTE: If you have any questions or concerns about racing, please feel free to check out the rulebooks or use the contact page to contact any member of the PNWMA Executive who will kindy answer your question. If you're going to play by the rules, or even strech the rules, than please read the rules.

One of the PNWMA's crowning achievements is it's off-road series. It consists of each club putting on a race under the banner of the PN. The member clubs organize the event following guidelines put down by the PN to make the series uniform. The the PN manages the overall points and awards for the series. 

There are 18 races in the 2010 off-road series with events ranging from Castlegar to Dawson Creek to Bellingham. There are around 400-500 riders involved in the races with eleven classes so each rider has a class they can be competitive in.

In order to race, you need a motorcycle that is capable of race speeds and abuse for two to three hours. You'll also need safety gear since accidents to happen. and you'll need a license. The license you'll need is the PNWMA Competition License, which allows us to track your results for the series, the PN will also post overall results and posters on their website. If you do well you can be eligible for trophies and the coveted winner's jacket given to each first place overall rider in their class. 

The main reason for racing varies for many riders. For some it's the challenge of being the fastest in the woods, for others it's the adrenaline rush, and a few riders understand that "the stopwatch never lies" adding an infallible witness to their right to brag.  But no matter what your reason for ending up on the start line, remember to have fun out there. 

Then check out the posters page for cool events that are coming up and have fun out there. There are also points, posters for non-series events, forms and other publications including rulebooks and license forms posted there. Click on the Posters button.