Other Racing Info


For 2013 We will be trying to focus more on the transponder system. At a race you will have to stop at the lap check, you will be checked manually and electronically at the same time. The manual check is a backup. Please note that transponders will not work if they are touching metal. We strongly suggest attaching the transponder to the center of your chest protector. It will work under shirts and jerseys as well. If you don't wear a chest protector then zap-strapping it to the center of your number plate is an alternative. (But is it a pain to check at the beginning of every race.) The transponders cost $10 and they are good for as long as you race. You can get a refund of $5 if you bring then back at the end of the event. Sportsman classes are not required to have a transponder.


The Regional System

Also the regional idea has been implemented for this year. The idea is to allow racers and option of racing part of the series in a smaller more local format rather than running the entire series. There is still the option of racing for the overall prize and the jacket. With the region, only the regional events are considered for the trophy. However there is no penalty for racing events outside of the region. In fact I highy recommend doing so for practice and the fact that a lot of clubs put on some really good events in some really good riding areas.

A more current listing of Regions is under Appendix A of the Rules and Regulations



This is the easy part. Go to a race and sign up. If it's your first race then, fill out a PNWMA Competition License form and purchase a racing license ($30 Individual / $40 Family) then purchase your race entry fee (Around $40) and then finally pick up your transponder ($10). Then is just a matter of going racing.

Once you've done your first race, then don't worry about the license untill next year, or your transponder (it's good for as long as you race.) Don't forget to check it at registration at every race.

Have an awesome ride and Good Luck!