ORS Classes

PNWMA Class # Age Range NMA
Masters 1000 Open AA
Expert 2000 Open Open A
Vet Expert 3000 30-39 Vet A
Intermediate 4000 Open Open B
Senior Expert 5000 40-49 Senior A
Super Senior 6000 50+ Super Senior
Vet Amatuer 7000 30-39 Vet B
Senior Amatuer 8000 40-49 Senior B
Junior Over 9000 16+ Open C
Women 10000 Open Women
Junior Under 11000 15 & Under 15 & Under

The classes are sorted on skill and age levels. The Over/Under split in the Junior classes is based on the age of the rider. Novice riders 15 and under can ride in the Junior Under class, while Novice riders 5 years or younger can ride in the Under class. The Expert/Amatuer split in the Vet and Senior classes is dependent on skill. Expert and Master's class riders who are 30-39 may race in the Vet Expert, or Senior Expert if they are 40-49 years old.  Intermediate and Junior class riders can race in the Amatuer class. Riders over 50 years old may race in the Super Senior class. While women have the Women's class. Classification in all classes is not bike dependent. It's race what you brought.

For riders racing in the states, please confirm you are racing in the correct class. If you do not race in the correct class, you will be given a finishing position which is the addition of your position and the last place in the correct class. For example, if you're in Vet-Am and you race Vet C (incorrect class) and get a 5th, and there were nine riders in Vet B (correct class), you will be given points for 14th place.


Class Hierarchy

Masters Vet  Expert Senior Expert Women 
Intermediate  Vet Amatuer Senior Amatuer
Junior Open
Junior Under